Bourbon Barons: Matriarchs of Bourbon

Bourbon has always been thought of as a man’s world, but women have been an integral part of the industry. From the beginning women have been distillery owners, executives, tasters, and bootleggers. We would love to introduce you to these bold women who defied the expectations of their time by making their way in a man’s world. We will then introduce you to the modern counterpart of these audacious women by visiting the three distilleries that have women as their Master Distillers. They are adding to the rich story of Kentucky’s bourbon history. We will drink a toast to this new breed of bourbon broads at Castle and Key, Jeptha Creed and Michter’s.

The tour will last approximately 8 hours.

Pickup will be at the Lexington Visitors Center or the James E. Pepper Distillery.

Price $120: Includes lunch, along with tours and tastings at all three distilleries. Water and snacks will be included.

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When you think about learning a new trade or how something is made, most of us tend to look and listen to see just how it's done.  There are also time that you want to get your hands dirty, so to speak, and get right into the process of how its made.  

We're giving you that opportunity!

Back in the late summer of 2018, we decided to give our tour goers the opportunity to learn how bourbon was made, but also be in the process.  We made agreements with certain distilleries that give YOU the opportunity to make bourbon through its entire process and then bottle and take it with you.

Not only will that continue in the new year but we are also adding new tours that give you the opportunity to experience bourbon, but not only that, we giving you the opportunity to experience the history of Kentucky and many more possibilities that we are working on right now.

So come along, get your "hands dirty" and see how YOU can experience the richness of the Commonwealth!

See what we've got going on at our Calendar of Events or tap on the menu button on the home screen and search through our experiences tours.

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When you think of Kentucky usually the first thing that comes to mind is Bourbon and Horses.  Its been a tradition in the Commonwealth to train horses and make them into champions for the Derby.

On these tours, we dive into the history of the horse farm and who owns it and how it plays a key role into developing these prize winning horses into winners of Derbies and even Triple Crown winners.

You'll get to meet the caretakers, the breeders and so much more when you accompany us on these tours detailing the history and lives of these great horses.

We offer many different types of horse tours to meet your taste.  Check out what we have to offer at our Calendar of Events or search above in the tours menu.

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The Commonwealth of Kentucky has a rich history that many of us don't even realize happened.  Most of our history lessons center around the bigger picture such as world history or US history.  

We at Stone Fences want to change that!  We invite you to come along with us on the many history tours that we offer to take deeper look into what made Kentucky what it is today.  Come with us to visit what Lexington was like back in the 1800's and see how scandals brought down US Senators at the time.

Also see from the perspective of a person who watched the Civil War play out on both sides of the field.  See the civil rights era play out right before you in this great state as well.

Whatever kind of history buff you are, we can meet your need!  You can check out what we have going on at our Calendar of Events or tap the menu button in the main screen and search through our History Tours.


Everyone knows that Kentucky’s name is synonymous with bourbon and horses.

However, Kentucky has a long history with the wine industry. The first commercial vineyard in the United States is located in Kentucky. By the late 1800s, Kentucky was the third largest wine producing state in the nation. All of that ended with the introduction of Prohibition. Kentucky’s farmers then turned to tobacco production which remained the dominant industry throughout the twentieth century. Now with the downturn of the tobacco industry, farmers are turning back to the production of wine. Currently, Kentucky has seventy+ commercial vineyards and the industry is still growing. 

 So we invite you to come along and see what Kentucky's vineyards are all about.  You can check out what we have in store by clicking on our Calendar of Events or by visiting the tours menu above.


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