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When you think about learning a new trade or how something is made, most of us tend to look and listen to see just how it's done.  There are also time that you want to get your hands dirty, so to speak, and get right into the process of how its made.  

We're giving you that opportunity!

Back in the late summer of 2018, we decided to give our tour goers the opportunity to learn how bourbon was made, but also be in the process.  We made agreements with certain distilleries that give YOU the opportunity to make bourbon through its entire process and then bottle and take it with you.

Not only will that continue in the new year but we are also adding new tours that give you the opportunity to experience bourbon, but not only that, we giving you the opportunity to experience the history of Kentucky and many more possibilities that we are working on right now.

So come along, get your "hands dirty" and see how YOU can experience the richness of the Commonwealth!

See what we've got going on at our Calendar of Events or tap on the menu button on the home screen and search through our experiences tours.

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