Woodford Unreserved

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Woodford UnReserved Tour


Woodford UnReserved. 

Ever wondered what Woodford County was like in the 1800s? Like any small American town, Woodford County has tales of characters past that resulted in duels and even murder mysteries. Take this evening walking tour of downtown Versailles to hear about our rich bourbon and architectural history all while learning about a few jaw-dropping headlines from the past. 

Downtown Versailles is a dedicated entertainment district therefore you can enjoy your evening stroll all while enjoying an old fashion or a Gin and Sin cocktail on the walk. One drink is complementary with the tour ticket complements of the Amsden Bourbon Bar. Non-alcoholic options available from the Amsden Coffee Club. 
To keep all of our guests and community safe, we ask that all abide by social distancing guidelines and are encouraged to wear a mask. Tour groups will also be kept to 10 or less. 
Price: $25 (Includes cocktail or drink)
Location: Woodford County Tourism Office
To Register Click the Link Below:
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