Spirits of the Bluegrass

Spirits of the Bluegrass

Kentucky is well known for our bourbon distilleries but lesser known is our burgeoning craft brewery and winery scene. Kentucky is now home to over 50 breweries and 70 wineries. We would like to introduce you to a few of our favorites and of course, since it is Kentucky, one of our award-winning bourbon distilleries. On our Spirits of the Bluegrass Tour we will start with a tour of a local craft distillery with tastings and then a stop at a beautiful local winery for a tasting. Our final stop will be at a local craft brewery for a flight of craft beers. Join us in learning about all aspects of the spirit making process. This tour will include a Kentucky Proud lunch at one of central Kentucky's local eateries.

We will pick you up at the Woodford County Visitor Center. The tour is approximately 5-6 hours. Water and snacks will be provided.

Price: $160 (includes a tour at a local distillery and tastings at all three locations).


1) James E. Pepper Distillery/ or William Tarr Distillery

2) Talon Winery

3) West Sixth Brewery



1) Glenns Creek Distillery/ or Bluegrass Distillers

2) Prodigy Winery

3) Versailles Brewing Co.



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