Home for the Holidays: Deck the Halls

Escape the stress and mania of modern Christmas by visiting the Victorian era. We take a step back in time to the bucolic mid-1800s. Let us guide you back in time my visiting two of central Kentucky’s most beautiful mansions, Ward Hall and White Hall. We will experience how they each celebrated Christmas. We will see how the Wards and Clays experienced Christmas and enjoy this simpler time when fresh cut pine boughs glowed in the candle light and pine cones and holly berries graced the drawing room. So, deck the halls and ride in our sleigh as we enjoy the holiday and tour these two historical homes. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

Tours will be approximately 4 hrs long.

Price: $60 (Includes tours of both historic homes). Water and snacks are included.

You can book directly from our Calendar of Events or choose from the available dates below:

December 6th

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