Haint Nothin' but Spirits

Haint Nothin’ but Spirits


When the days get shorter and the evenings get cooler, our thoughts turn to Halloween and ghost stories and of course, bourbon. Buffalo Trace Distillery not only produces award-winning spirits but is also home to supernatural spirits. The show Ghost Hunters visited the distillery and documented their experiences. It is the only site in which every member of the team experienced paranormal occurrences.  Accompany us as we explore the darker side of the famous distillery. Hear the tales of those who still stroll the grounds and inhabit the historical buildings of Buffalo Trace. If you need a dose of liquid courage, tastings are included. Another round of spirits will be served up at the infamous Liberty Hall, home of Frankfort’s “Gray Lady.” This historic site is home to three ghosts, as the story goes. Come tour this old mansion and hear the stories of Frankfort’s oldest residents. We will drink a toast to these sorrowful spirits with a special cocktail. Exorcise your fears as we visit Frankfort’s most notorious spirits.

Price $40- Includes transportation, fees for tours and tastings and cocktail. Pickup will be at the Lexington Visitor Center and Frankfort Visitor Center, The tour will last approximately 3-4 hours. Water and snacks are included.


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Oct. 25th


Nov. 10th




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