Vintage Kentucky

Wine is not the spirit that comes to mind when you hear the name Kentucky. But at one time Kentucky was the 3rd largest producer of wine in the country. Join us on an “uncommon tour of our commonwealth” to learn about the historical roots of wine-making in the US and how the industry is making a comeback in the Bluegrass state.

We will lead you on an excursion to First Vineyard which sits on the site of America’s first commercial vineyard. Grapes were first grown on this site in 1799. We will enjoy a wine tasting while taking in the history and beauty of the vineyard perched above the Kentucky River. We will then visit Liberty Hall State Historic Site in Frankfort. Liberty Hall was built by Kentucky’s first US Senator, John Brown. While touring the site, we will savor a historic drink and a wine or brandy-infused desert and hear the story of John Brown’s connection to the First Vineyard.

This tour will last approximately 5-6 hours.

Pickup will be at the Lexington Visitors’ Center.

Price $    

Includes tours, tastings, appetizers and desert.

 Bourbon Artisan Quest

Kentucky's craft bourbon distillery scene has boomed over the last decade. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour currently has 13 members. There are also many other craft distilleries operating or on the way. Join Stone Fences Tours in celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit of those breaking into the art/science of the process of creating America's native spirit. We will visit all 13 members plus other craft distilleries if time permits. You will learn about the history of bourbon in Kentucky as your guide, Jerry who is a certified bourbon steward, talks all aspects of bourbon. So grab your passport and complete one of the items on your bucket list. We will be adding this event to our offerings starting this spring. This tour is a little sister of our Conquering the Trail Tour.

 **This tour requires a minimum of 4 in a group.**

Price $600: Includes tours and tastings at all locations and lunch all five days. Snacks and water will be included.                

    **Does not include accommodations and dinners.**

Bourbon Barons: Prohibition


On January 17, 1920, the death knell rang for Kentucky’s bourbon industry with the ratification of the 18th Amendment—Prohibition. This made alcohol illegal throughout the country. Prohibition had a major impact on the economy of Kentucky. The Bluegrass State was the home to as many as 2,000 distilleries before Prohibition. The bourbon industry put food on many tables in KY.  It could be argued that the Great Depression started in 1920 for the citizens of our state. With the need to provide for their families hanging over their head, many Kentuckians continued to engage in the now illegal activity.  On this tour we will delve into the life of the bootleggers and speakeasy owners who had to take this path. We will discuss those who had to enforce Prohibition as well as those who had to give up their generations old family businesses. Along the way we will visit sites associated with this period such as the Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum in Bardstown, the new Prohibition Craft Spirits Distillery, Evan Williams Distillery for a special speakeasy tasting, then finish with a cocktail at Louisville’s coolest speakeasy, Hell or High Water.  Lunch will be at Gatsby’s on Fourth in the historic Seelbach Hilton Hotel, where the likes of Al Capone and F. Scott Fitzgerald enjoyed a good drink.

Pickup will be at the Lexington Visitor’s Center or the Pepper Distillery District. The tour will be approximately 8-9 hours long.

Price $120: Includes tours and tastings at all locations. Lunch and cocktail will also be included. Water and snacks will be provided.


Kentucky Trailblazer: Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone’s name is synonymous with the exploration of Kentucky and the Wilderness Trail. His drive to explore new territory would push the boundaries of the new United States further westward. His tales of the Bluegrass influenced many to follow in his footsteps to the “ample plains and beauteous tracts”. Like all those who have been trailblazers, there was a high personal price for Boone to pay.  On this tour, we will learn firsthand of Boone’s journey through his own words, eyewitness accounts, and by visiting the sites that he explored. So, explore the wilderness with us and follow the trail created by America’s pioneer hero.

Pickup will be at the Lexington Visitor’s Center. The tour will last approximately 7-8 hours.

Price $120: Includes tour of Fort Boonesborough and dinner. Water and snacks will be provided.

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