Paranormal Investigation Experience: Rohs Opera House

Paranormal Investigation Experience: Rohs Opera House

“I fear not the dark itself but what may lurk within it."

Do you love to watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures or Paranormal Lockdown? Are you intrigued by stories of those who have had spiritual encounters? Have you ever been curious about how paranormal investigators collect evidence? We have a tour for those who answered yes to these questions. Our Paranormal Experience tour will take you to a site that is known for paranormal activity and pair you up with an actual paranormal investigator. You will learn about their instruments of the trade and how to conduct an investigation. They will discuss with you their experiences with other haunted sites and the outcome of their investigations. While we cannot guarantee a spiritual encounter, you will learn about the history of the site and of the reason for the investigation there. This is your opportunity for a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience.  Exorcise your curiosity with us.

The current Rohs Opera House opened in 1941 with a showing of the show Down Argentine Way. Tickets were priced at 5 cents for adults. It was originally built in 1871 as Aeolian Hall, a live production theatre located on the second floor. Silent movies were eventually added. In 1941, the “new” Rohs Opera House was added to the building by H.A. Rohs and his son Karle. Today, Rohs hosts movies, live events and is known to be haunted. Some of the activity includes an “Angry Man”, “A Lady in White”, and “Two children who run and play.”

Pick up will be at Lexington Visitors’ Center.

Tour approximately 5 hours

Price $75: Includes investigation, training and a drink. Water and snacks will be provided.

You can book directly from our Calendar of Events or select from the dates below:


October 18th

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