Colonel Taylor Bourbonanza


The focus of this historical tour is the man who modernized the bourbon industry, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. Taylor was a man who traveled Europe and brought those distilling techniques back to his distilleries. We will discuss how he used this knowledge in his operation of the famous Old Crow, Old Fire Copper and Old Taylor Distilleries. We will also explore Taylor’s fight for the purification of bourbon through his support of legislative action. On this tour, we will visit Glenns Creek Distilling, Buffalo Trace and a stop for pictures at the soon-to-be-open Castle and Key Distillery. We will receive tours and tastings at Glenns Creek and Buffalo Trace. We will then take you to downtown Frankfort so you can enjoy The Spirits Stroll street fair, sample some local spirits and fare. This time can also be used to change into your cocktail attire. Next, we will meet at the Frankfort tourism office for a special performance by Russ Hatter as the Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Finally, we will transport you to Frankfort’s premiere Bourbonanza event, the Spirits Soiree at the Thomas D. Clark Kentucky History Center.


1PM- Pickup at Frankfort Tourism Office

1PM- 4PM- Bourbon Barons: Colonel Taylor Tour

1)Tour and tasting at Glenns Creek Distilling;


2)Tour and tasting at Buffalo Trace.

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Oct. 20


4PM- 6PM- Transportation to the Spirits Stroll Street Fair and back to the Frankfort Tourism


Time to change into COCKTAIL ATTIRE.


6PM- 7PM- Meet back at the Frankfort Tourism Office for a special performance of Colonel E.H.

Taylor Jr, by Frankfort historian Russ Natter.


7PM- 10PM- Transportation to and from Frankfort’s premiere Bourbonanza event, the Spirits


PRICE $125

Included in Price

Tours and tastings at Glenns Creek Distilling and Buffalo Trace;

Performance of Colonel Taylor by Russ Natter;

Ticket to the Spirits Soiree

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